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Junior League Wraps Up in Hamilton

Saturday 12th September saw the last round of the Waikato-Bays Junior League in Hamilton. Before the start of the event, there was in a seven-way tie for first place on the ladder. At the end, Rotorua's Leonie Pritchard and Mark Bendall won the day with sessions of 63% and 59%. This was enough to put them ahead of the field in the Junior League. They were also one of only two pairs who made it to all six events - that being the nature of Real Life - it interferes with one's BTP (Bridge Tournament Programme)! Full results can be seen on the Hamilton site at Monthly view - look for September the 12th.

And Bragging Rights for the next year go to:

Junior Grade Teams TrophyJunior Grade Teams TrophyInts Teams TrophyInts Teams TrophyOpen Teams TrophyOpen Teams Trophy

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Waikato-Bays Grade Trophy Finals

With the Club Teams events from both sides of The Hill behind us we approach the Teams Grade Trophies showdown this Sunday starting 10am at the Cambridge clubrooms. This is a play-off between the top two teams in each of Open, Intermediate, and Junior with two teams from each grade put forward as the best-performed in their respective Club Teams events. Two clubs did extremely well to have representatives in all three grades - long timers Rotorua and the new kids from the South Waikato.

Through the Eyes of Babes ...

Click here to read about a very strange happening at the Tauranga club the other night.

Jane Stearns - Ambassador from the Waikato

Jane StearnsJane StearnsThe talents and enthusiasm of Jane Stearns from Cambridge have been recognised and put to good use by New Zealand Bridge. Jane has addressed the regional conferences of Canterbury, Auckland, Otago, and this week she will be speaking at the Central District's annual conference. Her main message is of fundamental importance to our game: how to arrest the fall in numbers participating.

** NEW ** .. the Waikato-Bays Virtual Noticeboard

Virtual NoticeboardVirtual Noticeboard

Take a look at this!! Click on the Tournaments tab above and then Tournament Posters. You'll be whisked away to the WB Clubs Info folder in Dropbox where you'll see all these tournaments and more lined up tidily in date order.

Forgotten, as you're rushing out the door, whether they supply lunch? ... this is where to check.

Does your club spend heaps on postage of paper leaflets? ... have your secretary scan and save the poster here.

Are your noticeboards overflowing with posters in no particular order? ... tell your members about this great new facility. You'll be able to print off your own copies for just the next month's offerings and free up lots of extra wall space.

We got it ALL on the new Waikato-Bays site!

Good News

The latest figures from NZ Bridge show an encouraging growth in the number of registered players.

While this increase is most likely due to the seasonal intake of learners, it is particularly interesting to see that Waikato-Bays is leading the way thanks to the efforts of the many dedicated teachers and their helpers.

Congratulations to ...

... Brenda Birss and Pamela Pedersen of the Mount Maunganui club who will be joined by Gilda Rowland of Mount/Tauranga in winning Waikato-Bays sponsorship to the National Congress in Hamilton for the week to October the 3rd. These ladies qualified because:

  • They have never attended a Congress (Novice Pairs excepted)
  • They have played in at least five Tournaments since 1-July 2014
  • They applied to go in the lucky draw before 31-July 2015

John & Rona Driscoll Win Waikato-Bays Rubber Competition

Rona & JohnRona & JohnThe winners of this year's Rubber Bridge competition, John and Rona Driscoll of Taupo, will go forward to represent the Waikato-Bays region in the national finals at Congress in the week Sep-26 to Oct-3.

John and Rona advanced to the finals after meeting Gwynn Lobb and Olive Davis in the semis. There they won against Nick Whitten and Janice Bell to claim the $100 prize and the right to play in the nationals.

Rubber bridge is the game in its primal form. One can picture four cavemen hunched over their cards beside

Newcomers Tokoroa/Putaruru Blitz the Waikato InterClub Teams

Saturday 4th July - huge event! Three teams - Open, Intermediate and Junior - from each of eight Waikato clubs slugged it out in the annual Waikato InterClub Teams held at the Hamilton clubrooms.

The Hamilton folk did us proud with base tables set up attractively for each club team in the O'Neill Room while the matches took place in the adjoining Richmond Room.

The WINNERS!! the Tokoroa/Putaruru TeamThe WINNERS!! the Tokoroa/Putaruru Team

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