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Junior League
Intermediate League
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The Intermediate and Junior Leagues

These are the Championship Leagues which the Waikato-Bays have been running for over ten years. Whole generations on now-Open players have taken part in the WB Leagues. They are only for Intermediate and Junior players and players accumulate points over the season.

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For Juniors a six-event series runs from the Hamilton Junior tournament on the 27th of March through to the Te Awamutu Junior on the 2nd of October. In 2021 the prize-money pool will be $720 to be spread over the top eight placings.

Hamilton Sat 27-Mar
Cambridge Sat 10-Apr
Matamata Sat 01-May
Mt Maunganui Sat 17-Jul
Tauranga Sat 28-Aug
Te Awamutu Sun 03-Oct - includes prize-giving

The eight Intermediate events go from Taupo in February through to Cambridge in October. For the 2021 season the WBRC will spread the prize pool evenly over the eight Intermediate events and the six Junior events at the rate of $120 per event. The Intermediates are therefore and prospectively playing for a pot of $960 and the Juniors for $720. These amounts will be apportioned for the top ten placings.

Taupo Sat 27-Feb
Hamilton Sat 27-Mar
Katikati Sun 16-May
Mt Maunganui Sat 17-Jul
Te Awamutu Sat 14 Aug
Tauranga Sat 28 Aug
Matamata Sun 12-Sep
Cambridge Sun 17-Oct - includes prize-giving

The Restricted Open League
This Championship League is aimed essentially at newly-Open players. Any Player registered as a member of a Waikato-Bays club who is of the rank of National Master or below may compete. Note: a qualifying player may not partner a non-qualifying player if they wish to get League points in any event.

Skip down to the Attachments to view the downloadable information for the Restricted Open League.

The nine nominated Restricted Open events run from Tauranga in January through to Hamilton in October. For the 2021 season eligible participants are playing for a pot of $1080. The dates and tournaments are:

Tauranga Congress Restricted Open 8B on Sat 30-Jan
Matamata Open 8B on Sat 06 Mar
Waihi All Grades 8B Sat 13-Mar
Mount Maunganui Multi Grade 3A on Sat 17-Apr
Morrinsville Open 8B on Sat 29-May
Rotorua Open 5A on Sat 19-Jun
Te Puke Open 3A on Sat 09-Oct
Taupo Open 8B on Sat 16-Oct
Hamilton Congress Restricted Open 8B on Sat 23-Oct - includes prize-gving

The more of the tournaments listed that you can play in, the more points you will collect and the higher your chances of a prize.

The competitions award points both for participation and for success (final placing and a bonus point each for turning up, getting over 50% average for day or winning a session outright). Double points are awarded for A-point events. Ineligible players are not awarded League points if they do not qualify because of grading or home region. Any points that they may have won go into the ether.

In 2021, again, all three leagues are individual competitions so you can either play with the same partner each competition, a different one, or a combination.

Why have these league competitions?
To encourage Junior and Intermediate to play in more tournaments
To encourage players to form partnerships

What is in it for the players?

  • Good bridge
  • New Friends
  • A handsome trophy
  • Lots of $$$

Yes, Waikato Bays is putting up good prize money for the top ten place-getters overall.

It is good fun and gives you the impetus to develop sound friend/partner-ships and a better grasp of the game. Please book your partner(s) in for as many of these excellent tournaments as you can manage!

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