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BCS LogoBCS LogoCompass LogoCompass LogoClick here to view Bob Fearn's introduction to Compass. This link includes a video covering basic functionalities of the Compass scoring programme with or without it being interfaced with the Bridgemate wireless scoring system.

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You may detect as you watch the Overview video that it was produced in 2016. There have been many many extensions and changes since then. Bob Fearn has completed the huge task of converting the Compass Help Manual to compiled HTML form - like what you get when pushing the Help tab (or F1) in Windows applications.
This manual is kept in Dropbox which, tragically, does not support the opening of this format over the internet. You can however view his Release Notes for 2018 and his Release Notes for 2017 to get a sense of his immense progress while he gets around to doing another overview of Compass as it now is.