Rubber Competition

Every year the Waikato-Bays promotes a special form of the game: Rubber Bridge. The scoring system is designed to suit the situation of four people having a game of bridge .. as you might at home. As there are only four of you there is no chance of playing the boards duplicate which would allow you to compare your score with some other pair holding the same cards. Each hand is dealt live at the table. The gloves are off!

Much of our current duplicate scoring is based on rubber scoring. A rubber is finished when one side or the other racks up two "games". A "game" is a score of 100 points bid and got. Minors count for 20 each, majors 30. You get 40 for the first trick at no-trumps and 30 for each successive one. Only the contracts you bid for count towards the building of 100 points. For example: you might bid 2H and make 9 tricks but you are credited with just 60 "below the line". The 30 for the over-trick is scored "above the line" along with any scores for defeating a contract or various bonuses. When one side makes its first 100 points below the line - a "game" - it becomes Vulnerable - meaning much the same as in Duplicate - the risks and rewards are greater. You can read more about the game by clicking on the attachment below

Every Region in the country promotes a Rubber Bridge competition each year. The regional winners get to play for the Dan Gifford Trophy at Congress. Entries for this knock-out competition are generally sought early in the year before our Rubber Ducky Day is held to kick things off. At this event we usually offer all sorts of tips and tricks - the tactics are quite different to Duplicate - and some stay on to play their first matches after the talk. After that, pairs meet by mutual arrangement - often in each others' houses.

Just click on an item in the attachments below to download to your own computer. Once the competition has started, as matches take place the updated state of the ladder may be found under the Results tab or viewed by clicking here.

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