Rubber Competition


The Dan Gifford Trophy for Rubber Bridge is contested at Congress every year between a pair from each region. The Waikato-Bays representative will be the winner of the knock-out competition running from May until August. The draw will will be circulated in early May.
Players are asked to arrange between their opponents where and when to play, and to make sure their match is completed before the date indicated on the draw.

Only simple bidding systems similar to those allowed at Junior tournaments are allowed. For details refer to pages D7 to D9 in the 2022 NZB Manual

At the start of the match, cut for Dealer, after which Dealer rotates clockwise. The pack used by the dealer is shuffled by one opponent and cut by the other opponent.
All matches will consist of 30 deals. A passed in hand constitutes a deal.
If a deal is faulty for any reason (cards not dealt correctly, card turned up during the deal, player picking up the wrong hand, etc), that deal is cancelled. The cards and shuffled and cut again, and the same dealer deals again.

The pair with the higher total score at the end advances to the next round while the other pair is eliminated. In the event of a tie a further two deals will be played – then a further two etc until a winner is found.

The winners of each match are to contact the coordinator to advise the result as soon as possible.
The draw will be updated regularly on

For more details on the laws refer to the NZ Bridge Manual (2022) pages D3 to D9 or

No table talk is allowed.
Each player should keep score. All players need to be aware of their side’s score at all times because drawing attention of partner to the score (such as they have a part-score) is illegal.
Scores may be compared and brought up to date at the end of each hand but no comments should be made as to future tactics in bidding to take account of the score.

Similar to teams: don’t worry about small score differences. If declaring play safe to make the contract. If it is a difficult contract take risks to make it; don’t worry about extra undertrick(s) if it doesn’t work. Similarly if defending take risks to defeat them; don’t worry about overtrick(s)
When your side has a part-score don’t bid further than you need to make game unless the opponents force you to (which is quite likely) or you are looking for a slam.

The Coordinator for 2022 is Nick Whitten email or phone 07 889 7831

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