Waikato Area Pairs Reports for 2024

Waikato Area Pairs at Morrinsville May 26th 2024
With the threat of power cuts in Cambridge, the WAPS shifted to Morrinsville for the heat on 26th May…and it seems everyone had a good time. 23 pairs was a good turn-out, indeed the biggest so far and the reports I had was that there was a lovely atmosphere…and that’s so important.
Thanks very much to Lesley, Rex and Nick and the rest of the team at Morrinsville for stepping to host at the last minute. The only shame was that there was only one pair from the host club present. The split between clubs was interesting..as follows:
Auckland clubs 8 Te Aroha 5
Cambridge 6 Te Awamutu 4
Hamilton 11 Thames 2
Matamata 5 Waikato 1
Morrinsville 2 Total 44
and it was lovely having the visitors from the Auckland-based clubs present too. Mary and Emma from Mt Albert topped the poll with Jeffrey and Yuzhong from Hamilton a fraction behind them in both sessions. Te Aroha’s Guy and Victor were the top non-Open pair.
Here’s hoping for another good turn-out at Cambridge on Sunday July 21st.

March 17th saw 20 pairs gathering at Te Aroha for the 1st round of the WAPs.

After round 1 in 1st place we have Helen Rinaldi & Catherine Cameron from Hamilton, followed by Lynette Bond & Ian Bond from Matamata and in 3rd place Judith Bishop & John Peppiatt from Thames

April 28th another 20 pairs gathered, this time at Matamata.

Winners on the day were Lynette and Ian Bond, followed by Liz and Blair Fisher with Joy Williams and Jena Robinson in 3rd place. The top non-open pair were Beth and Arthur Mann.