2024 Regional Championships

With the entries for the Regional Championship trials not reaching the minimum needed in each division, the teams for Waikato-Bays were chosen from the existing entries and have now been finalised. Congratulations to the following team members for the 2024 Regional Championship Teams Competition:

OPEN: Michael Ware, Hugh McGann, Blair and Liz Fisher, Sam and Jo Simpson

WOMEN: Jenna and Christine Gibbons, Kate Terry, Judy Pawson, Rebecca Osborne and Gillian Corbett

SENIORS: Rachelle Pelkman, Murray Wood, Yuzhong Chen, Gary Foidl, Di and Hugh McAlister

INTERMEDIATES: Megan Jolly, Leanne Curry, Lyn Bailie, Di Rodger, Bettina and Marcus Dudley

Details of all necessary arrangements will be sent to individual players.

Ella Gray
Waikato-Bays Regional Committee