NZB Constitution Review

John Skipper announced the release of the draft NZ Bridge Constitution. The draft document is now ready for all to read and consider. Click on the attachments below to download both this document and its associated feedback form. Feedback is sought and changes can still be made ahead of the final voting at the AGM in September this year. Key changes are:

  • The document is considerably shorter than the existing Constitution
  • Operational matters have been removed (and will ultimately become part of the Bridge Manual). These include: mandating regional committees and their activities; requirement for a national conference; roles of Chief Director, Recorders, Treasurer, Honorary Solicitor; and annual returns. The board will review these as required without necessarily changing anything. This improves flexibility and the range of options available
  • The role, composition and election processes for the NZ Bridge board have been clarified, with better checks and balances in the system to ensure the process is democratic and the Board remains accountable to the members
  • Changes arising in the new Incorporated Societies Bill have been included
  • Changes required by Inland Revenue to maintain charitable status have been included

Feedback in writing to the Secretary is sought before the National Conference on 8 June 2019. At the conference there will be time allocated to debate any issues and work through the document. It is important that your delegates are informed so they can contribute to discussions.

Feedback is sought on the following specifically, but general feedback and questions are also being asked for

  • The objects of NZ Bridge (Clause 3)
  • The Board electing its Chair from among elected Board members (Clause 7)
  • General matters related to the Board composition and tenure (Clauses 6, 8, 9, 10, 11)
  • Any other matters you believe should be reviewed

Russell Wilson, Alan Dormer, Tony Thomson & John Skipper.

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