2023 Inter Provincial Teams results

The Regional Committee wishes to thanks all participants in the Interprovincial Finals held on-line last November. The Chef de Mission (Barry Jones) has reported that the Region finished third overall and that the Women’s teams was spectacularly successful. The non-playing Captains suggested that thought needs to be put into the third pair selection from Pairs Trials and that there should be Team practice and play prior to the Finals for players with limited Teams experience. This comment coupled with the desire for participation expressed by Clubs who attending the update day last October will be considered by the Regional Committee for the format of the trials in 2024.

That said, 3rd is a commendable result and the final placings were:

Women: Judy Pawson – Kate Terry; Jenna Gibbons – Christine Gibbons 1st (11 wins/1 loss)

Open: Jo Simpson – Sam Simpson; Liz Fisher – Blair Fisher; Anna Kalma – Richard Solomon
3rd place (7 wins/5 losses)

Seniors: Tony Hacking – Judy McLeod; Hugh McAlister – Diane McAlister; Tim Healy – Helen Healy 5th place (4 wins/8 losses)

Intermediates: Deidre Gunn – Jackie Blue; Jenny Elgar – Janet Milbank; Catherine Cameron – Nigel Gresson 6 th place (3 wins/9 losses)