Interprovincial Championship - 24-26 November

Waikato-Bays teams will be competing in the Inter-Provincials (IPs) this coming weekend. Matches are being held online with a delayed kibitzing link available at

Our Waikato-Bays Chef de Mission is Barry Jones. Non-playing Captains are Rachelle Pelkman, Ian Moore and Rebecca Osbourne. Team members are:

Jo Simpson – Sam Simpson (Tauranga)
Liz Fisher – Blair Fisher (Hamilton)
Anna Kalma – Richard Solomon (Te Aroha)

Judy Pawson – Kate Terry (Tauranga)
Jenna Gibbons – Christine Gibbons (Waikato/Te Puke)

Tony Hacking – Judy McLeod (Tauranga)
Hugh McAlister – Diane McAlister (Tauranga)
Tim Healy – Helen Healy (Hamilton)

Ham Deidre Gunn – Jackie Blue (Tauranga)
Jenny Elgar – Janet Milbank (Whakatane)
Catherine Cameron – Nigel Gresson (Hamilton)

We trust our team members will have good luck when needed, skilled declarer play, ideal opening leads on defence and most importantly, an enjoyable tournament.

Ella Gray
Secretary WBRC