Waikato-Bays IP Trials

Online trials for teams to represent our region at the (online) Inter-Provincials were held on Friday 6th through Saturday 7th of May. The Womens' trial attracted only three entries who were duly appointed.

The team to represent the Waikato-Bays region at the InnterProvincials (to be held on-line on the 18th of November is:

Open: Jo Simpson & Sam Simpson, Jenny Millington & Barry Jones, John Driscoll & Rona Driscoll

Womens: Christine & Jenna Gibbons, Judy Pawson & Kate Terry, Karen Harris & Cherie Barton

Seniors: Ella Gray & Michael Neels, Hugh McAlister & Diana McAlister, Murray Wood & Rachelle Pelkman

Intermediates: Simon Eminson & Mike Newton, Barbara McFarlane & Ted Cliffin, Megan Richards & Jan Gyenge

For full results of the trials please click the Results tab above.

The event was played on RealBridge and, while the Open and Intermediate sections went without a hitch the Seniors turned into a bit of a mess when some players sat at the wrong table. The RealBridge support people were up until 2am their time and Bob Fearn in Seattle spent many hours getting our results out in Compass. Our heartfelt thanks to both for their rescue efforts.