We Have A Winner!

The national competition (known as the Dan Gifford Rubber), is contested annually by one pair from each Region competing for a very attractive prize pool. All Regions run their own qualifying knock-out rounds to decide who is to represent them. Congratulations to Jo and Sam Simpson from Tauranga Bridge Club who won in a cliff-hanger against Brian Gallaher and Brian Sullivan from Waikato Bridge Club. Caught accidentally in the background of Sam & Jo's photo is Rona Driscoll who organises the Rubber Bridge for our region: many thanks to her.

Jo writes: We are delighted to once again represent Waikato Bays for the Dan Gifford Rubber Bridge competition at NZ congress.

Apart from one match (opponents conceded when we were several thousand ahead at board 25) it was a bit of a struggle.

Our last match was against “the two Brians” from the Waikato club. As usual, it was a close run thing. After an initial burst winning the first rubber, it was mostly downhill for us as far as HCP go.

With 3 boards to go, and us slightly behind, all Vul, Sam opened 1S (precision, limited to 15HCP) and Brian overcalled 2C. Looking at this nice 9 count, I bid a (10+HCP) 2D.


Sam bid 2NT (minimum, 11-13HCP) with a club hold.

3C says Brian, undeterred. Hmmm what now? Let’s try’s double - I really intend it as penalties, but if Sam bids 3H I will retreat to 3S. No need - 3C doubled was passed out.
Sam had 4 clubs to the QTxx, and the contract failed by 2 tricks, to give us plus 500 and set us up for a narrow win.

May the card gods be with us at Congress.