Corona Virus

Received from the Chairman of NZ Bridge:

Good Morning
We continue to receive requests for updates.

Each day we are bombarded by reports in the media. Some quite disturbing.

We are seeing some sporting events being cancelled, postponed, or taking place in stadia without spectators. The Ministry of Health is still viewing the risk here as “low”.

So what should you be doing?

Obviously being vigilant. Promoting that if your members are unwell then they should stay away, taking whatever medical advice is appropriate. Equally if they are returning from high risk areas (China, Italy, South Korea, Iran - category 1a and 1b countries and to a lesser extent Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand- category 2 countries) overseas then they should follow guidelines set out by the Ministry.

Returning from overseas after midnight Sunday 15th March requires EVERYONE to self isolate for 14 days. A number of countries have additional requirements and as this is an ever changing list (correct 13 March) check this link for updates.

These suggestions are from information sourced from the NZ Government's recommendations on containing the possible spread of the virus.

Personal hygiene still remains the best course of action. Washing hands, use of hand sanitizers, using tissues, protecting those nearby from coughing and sneezing, avoid touching your face (eyes, mouth, nose, ears).

At this stage if we and members take care then there is no need for clubs to close. Equally there is no need to cancel tournaments. Of course should your club experience a member who is diagnosed with Covid-19 then you should not hesitate to consult with the Ministry of Health, closing the club as required.

We ask that you keep us fully informed. We will continue to monitor the Ministry’s website for updates.

We will equally keep an eye on tournaments and will cancel if the risk is seen to be anything but low to moderate.

Cheers Allan