Mini Moos Material

For anyone wishing to run a Mini-Moos module in their locality cick here for access to ALL the Mini-Moos material which is salted away in Dropbox. This comprehensive set of material is made available to anyone wishing to start up this excellent source of enrichment for newbies and novices.

Anyone looking for hand-out material from this or previous years click here to access teaching and news content that we have filed away by year.

or ..

Download the latest Moos News by clicking on the attachments below.

Moos Noos 2019_1.pdf482.89 KB
Mini Moos 2019_1 hands.pdf154.67 KB
Moos Noos 2019_2.pdf509.57 KB
Moos 2019_2 hands.pdf251.14 KB
Moos Noos 2019_3.pdf604.8 KB
MiniMoos 2019_3 hands.pdf209.21 KB
Moos Noos 2019_4.pdf968.07 KB
Moos 4 hands.pdf225.29 KB
Moos Noos 2019_5.pdf620.87 KB
Moos_2109 5 hands.pdf153.18 KB